Thursday, October 17, 2013

Republicans Getting High, Having Bunny Sex

"Are you high," Anderson Cooper recently asked GOP strategist Alex Castellanos.

"I wish I were," Castellanos replied, with surprising frankness.  Who in the political world, and especially the Republican hemisphere, has not recently wished for the sweet Coleridgean release of some drowsy syrup?

Nonetheless, the apparently sober Castellanos went on to provide a unique theory explaining the recent, and seemingly self-destructive, behavior of Senator Ted Cruz.

He's having bunny sex.

As Castellanos said:
[T]he snowshoe hare — I thought it’s a marvelous explanation — every ten years, multiplies six fold. Bunnies like sex apparently. But the boom produces a bust. They press their food supply, they invite predators. Right now, Ted Cruz, what’s he’s doing, feels good; he’s growing his supporters. It’s leading the Republican Party, I think, into a bust.
Well.  Now we know.

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