Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rumor of the Day

This rumor has recently reached us.  It is unsubstantiated, and we hope it is false; therefore, we present it blind-item style.

Professor A was for many years the systematic theology instructor at Seminary B.  In that capacity, he helped to form a generation of Lutheran pastors, most of them (in our experience) very fine indeed.  He has since retired, but remains a formidable presence in Lutheran theology.

His former post is now held by Professor C, who is far less of a household name.  it is reported that Prof. C. so dislikes Prof. A -- whether personally or theologically we are not told -- that his works are not taught at Seminary B, and indeed his name is not mentioned by students seeking a respectable grade.  And so a remarkable legacy is squandered.

Can this be true?  Perhaps not.  But just for fun, we invite our readers to try filling in the blanks.

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