Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Noo Yawk 4evah

In last night's Democratic primaries, the people of New York City gave Anthony Wiener the metaphorical finger.  The disappointed candidate responded in kind, except without the "metaphorical" part.

As reported at Gawker (and all over Twitter, and a million other places on the web), Wiener's campaign -- a train wreck from the beginning -- concluded with the kind of explosion that makes moviegoers groan "Now the f/x people are just showing off."

Wiener got about 4% of the vote.  His wife wasn't at the party, and his long thank-you speech pointedly omitted mention of her.  (Interpretation:  Divorce imminent.) Entrapment-queen-cum-porn-star Sydney Leathers, however, did show up, inspiring Weiner to make a mad dash through a McDonalds to avoid meeting her.

A classy night up to that point, but Weiner wasn't done yet. 

As his limo pulled away, he not only gave the middle finger to a reporter, he managed to be photographed doing so.

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George Waite said...

LOL! So classy! Even NYC has a gag reflex left to it.