Friday, March 15, 2013

Our First Centerfold!

What, you thought we were joking?

According to an old legend, after she was done with her other activities (being possessed, being exorcised, abandoning prostitution, bearing myrrh, proclaiming the Resurrection, and evangelizing Provence -- nice work if you can get it), St. Mary Magdalene retired to a cave in Sainte-Baume and led a life of contemplation.  (Valerie Barrow has pictures of the cave).

Mind you, this painting by Jules Joseph Lefebvre doesn't look as though it is set in a cave, nor does Mary look especially contemplative.  Or maybe she does, in much the way that Bernini's St Teresa does.  Contemplating, ahem, holy ecstasy.

Anyway, all good centerfolds also have a back page:

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