Friday, March 22, 2013

Elements of Style

Frankly, we liked the red bordello look.  It reminded us, simultaneously, of an old Nissan Stanza our parents used to drive, a favorite Indian restaurant in Manhattan, and ... well, never mind that third thing.

This gold job here was going to be our Easter look, but we have officially caved to the demands of the anti-bordello activists.  We'll refine it over the next few days -- the colors on the margin need some adjustment.  But for now, here's where we are.


Mark C. Christianson said...

Not bad. Brighter.

But "red bordello look?" Hmm. I imagined more of a old fashioned, darkly paneled English vicar's or bishop's study with a couple of stuffed arm chairs by the fire and a sideboard on which sits the sherry, at least in a version of England where you might find Miss Marple or a TV drama about a quaint village.

Father Anonymous said...

Sigh. Me, too. But I did see the bordello thing, too.

Still, that panelled study is what I really want, so maybe I should shop around the world of textures and see what I can get.

mark said...