Thursday, October 18, 2012


Dinesh D'Souza isn't exactly a bigamist.  That's the good news.

Technically, he may not even be fooling around on his wife.  However, he has apparently come close enough to cost himself the presidency of a small Christian college remarkable only for having once being located in the Empire State Building.

To make a long story short, D'Souza married a woman named Dixie Brubaker in 1992; in 2012, at a conference, he introduced another woman, Denise Odie Joseph, as his fiancee.  He was still married to Brubaker at the time, and indeed -- so far as we know -- he still is.  D'Souza denies that he and Joseph shared a room, and maintains that, since he was separated from Brubaker, he didn't know he was doing anything considered wrong "in Christian circles."

We love that "in Christian circles," with its subtle suggestion that in other circles this sort of thing is perfectly fine, and that perhaps D'Souza is being held to an unfair standard  --  notwithstanding the fact that, at $10,000 per speech, D'Souza is one of the best-paid speakers at Christian conferences in America.

Better yet, D'Souza is now crying libel against The World, for breaking this story.  Mind you, this is the guy who produced a movie which insists the Barack Obama is a Kenyan Socialist, and who once wrote an entire book arguing that Roman Catholic bishops had been used as pawns by a leftist conspiracy. Not to mention his role in producing The Manhattan Abomination Declaration.  A lovely guy all around.

Anyway, The King's College trustees have announced that D'Souza will no longer serve as president.  We applaud their judgment.

(Via the Daily Beast)

UPDATE:  It now appears  (per Gawker) that Ms. Joseph is also married, and not to Mr. D'Souza.  So we're clearly dealing with a crowd of people who get the importance of traditional family values.

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