Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hey, Bishop! The Tiber is Thataway!

So, one suspects, they are saying in Albany, NY these days. It appears that the former bishop of the Episcopal diocese there needs a map and compass.

Daniel Herzog retired in 2007, and promptly left the Episcopal Church for the Roman one. (We imagine that he waited until the last moment, to be assured that the PECUSA would continue to pay him the largest possible pension, but perhaps we are mistaken).

We aren't sure what Bishop Herzog and his wife expected, but apparently they didn't get it, because they have both re-joined the Episcopal church. the sitting bishop, William Love, is said to have "welcomed Herzog's return and said Herzog and his wife have always been active in an unofficial capacity after their departure."

Really? What kind of conversion was that, any way? Because our understanding was that they ought to have become active in Roman Catholic circles, and helped the local Papist diocese. (But then, the two churches are so close! See the post below for details.)

At least one Albany-diocese Episcopalian is not especially pleased to see his old shepherd back in the fold:

Robert Dodd, president of Albany Via Media, an Anglican laity group that opposed Herzog's steering of the diocese into a more conservative position ... said Herzog was right to leave the church because the bishop opposed some of its central beliefs.

Of course, we aren't sure just which church Dodd means. This bishop has left a couple.

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