Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Anglicans "Embarrass the Pope"

Seems that three Church of England bishops have held a "secret" (meaning: not secret, it's in the newspaper) meeting at the Vatican, to talk about defecting. This seems to be less about gay priests than female bishops, an abomination from which they are determined to protect their flock.

A follow-up story, incidentally, identifies that flock as some 268 parishes with an average membership of 50. Neither here nor there, but worth noting.

Obviously, this won't be good for the already tense relations between the Cs of E&R. But what tickles us is the suggestion of an anonymous "senior Anglican cleric" that "this will seriously embarrass the Pope."

Really? You think this will embarrass the Pope? Maybe you haven't been reading the papers lately, because he's got a lot more embarrassing stuff on his plate these days.

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