Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Note the New Links, Left

Observant readers have probably found that the list of links on the left side of this page is rarely updated.  There's a good reason for this, and medieval moral theology gave it a simple name: sloth.

Old Father Anonymous is a lazy, lazy man.  So in four years of blogging, he has changed those links maybe twice.  Even though it's pretty easy.

But today, he has added three new links, and hopes that you'll take a look at them:
  1. The English Ministry of the Lutheran Church in Romania.  Two American pastors descend on Eastern Europe; one of them is good-looking and the other has a cute kid.  
  2. Pietati, the English Ministry's blog, which offers a less formal picture of what's happening in Transylvania;
  3. Pastor Joelle's Skating in the Garden in High Heels Under My Alb.   And man, has she got some sharp words for CORE today. 

1 comment:

Diane said...

I got me some of that "sloth" too.

Joelle's great! She's how I found your blog, by the way.

And thanks for the mention of the Donatists. I talked about them on my blog too.

Long ago, someone invoked the Donatists to say that even if it was a sin for me to become a pastor, my sacraments would still be good.