Friday, May 30, 2008

Geraldo's an Idiot

Per the HuffPo:  Geraldo "Troop Locations" Rivera had a little hissyfit on TV this morning, complaining about religious figures who express political opinions.  Apparently, it "gives him the creeps."  His most quoted remark will certainly be:  "If I hear one more rabbi talking about Israel, excuse me:  shut up!"

While we confess a certain sympathy on this matter -- we too are irritated by churches that actually tell their members how to vote, as we are by Christians who go to church hoping to be told how to vote -- he is missing many of the bigger points.  A nation in which religious views are systematically excluded from matters of public policy is a nation teetering toward disaster (please read Bishop Nazir-Ali's essay, linked below).  

And we don't know that much about Judaism, but it occurs to us that a rabbi who doesn't talk about Israel is about as useless as a Christian priest who doesn't talk about Heaven.

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