Saturday, May 31, 2008

Department of No Surprise: Vatican Edition

Times header:  "Vatican Asserts Rule that Bars Female Priests."

Really?  We hadn't guessed.  Oh, wait, we had guessed -- since the Vatican has ben utterly unwavering on this question since the dawn of time.  It is "news," by the broadest possible definition of that term, only because the challenge from groups like Womanpriest forces periodic restatements, most recently phrased in a terse threat of excommunication.

Side note to Womanpriest and its adherents:  So you want a Catholic Church that has been reformed?  Married priests, female priests, congregations choosing their own pastors?  maybe even a little flexibility on divorce?  But still identifiably catholic -- saints' days, vestments, a strong commitment to the reality of Christ's presence in the world, made visible by the sacraments?  The good news is that your dream church already exists.

We call it Lutheranism.  Join today.

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