Saturday, August 06, 2005

Here's the Plan.

They say you shouldn't talk about sex, religion, or politics. Not in polite company. Not if you want to make friends, keep your job, be popular.

I say screw 'em.

After all, what does anybody really care about? Flip on the TV and tell me what you see -- sex, religion and politics. Which is great, because people -- me included -- love these things.

Except the mass media (and especially the Tube) are deeply committed to giving us watered-down versions of all three. You know, the kind that get you excited but don't ever satisfy you. The "Baywatch Girls" can run across the sand for years; but Janet Jackson shows one boob and she's a pariah. The cable news people can scream and scream -- or in Novak's case, slink off in disgrace -- but they are so scared of getting the Dan Rather treatment that they would die before reporting an actual story.

And religion on TV? Puh-leeze. You have your choice between freaks and thugs: Creflo Dollar's "Prosperity Gospel" (remember how well that worked for Jesus?) to Mother Angelica's libellous claim that her own bishop didn't believe in the Eucharist.

But you know what? There are people who like sex, and like to talk about it, and I don't mean titillating talk, I mean serious talk about what sex means. And the same with politics, and even (sometimes) religion. I'm one of them, and if I haven't offended you so far, then maybe you are too.

So let's talk about it.

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