Thursday, August 18, 2005

At Least He's Straight

That's what we figure a few highly-placed figures in the New York Archdiocese are thinking. Eugene Clark, rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral, stepped down August 11, amid rumors that he was, err, intimate with his secretary. Who is female.

Mind you, the relief that those same figures may feel over the secretary's femaleness may be attenuated somewhat by the fact that she is in the middle of a sloppy divorce. On one hand, the fact that her angry husband is the main accuser makes the whole story a little suspicious. On the other hand . . . divorce. Eek. Isn't Caesar's wife -- or his secretary -- supposed to be above suspicion?

In any case, the GLBT press in particular is gloating -- labeling him
"Creep of the Week." Seems Msgr. Clark has been pretty strident in his remarks on sex. In 2002 he blamed Roman Catholicism's recent scandals on "the campaign of liberal America against celibacy." Umm... yeah.


Pappa said...

Look. I assume Jesus had a
cowpers gland, seminal vessel,
prostrate gland, testicles, not
to mention both an expandable
stalk and potentially firm root.

Did not the son of man benefit
from the occasional toe-curling,
scalp furrowing night dream
characterized by a degree
of moistness? Perhaps once
a month for maybe 18 years?

Aw, the words we mince.

Jesus got boners. Semen
(consisting of portions from
the above mentioned organs)
release feels overwhelmingly
pleasant and seems to have a
very invigorating effect:
about halfway between a shot
of coffee & a terrific sneeze.

So then MUST we embrace the idea
that Jesus Christ did NOT feel
such good relief as a human
who (like other humans) was
evidently created by GOD

The difficult conception - it
seems obvious - is then the
idea of the "BODY of Christ"
and the diversity of contended
meanings related to CommUNION.

Cause SEX is all about UNION.

Both are UNIONs, aren't they?

And each can be ecstatic or eu-
phoric, even blessed. Certainly
the climaxes that lead to con-
ception and the local genesis
of human live is a blessed
miracle, like snowflakes,
waterfalls, and baby's
giggle or laugh ! (i.e.
a GOOD thing)

Anyway,I would think that until
we Catholics and we others can
talk about the WHOLE body of
Christ, and I mean from his toes
to his nose, a PHYSICALLY along
with complete mental/ emotional
humanity - including the desire
for sexual union and proCREATion,
then how are we to approach the
concepts of the transsubstantia-
tion of Christ in communion ?

Confusion or uncertainty regarding
the ties between proCREATion UNION
and holy comm-UNION, may be part of
the basis of things ranging from
the traditional villification of
sex behavior (sex and communion
being forever polar non-mutual
referential opposites, it would
seem), to some of the curious
explorations of intimacy which
sadly, badly, impacted lives
recently and decades past (I
am talking about the abuse scandals).

We have to come into mature adult-
hood as a society in terms of a
proper acceptance and understand-
ing of sex - that which can apply
to Buddha, Christ (and Brahm and
Shakti) and others like Gingrich too.

We HAVE to start considering the
full spectrum of Jesus' human
sexuality, in the full light
of science, sociology and good
vigorous common sense and candor.

Thanks for entertaining my
attempts to treat this topic.
And I agree that Newt is more-
or-less a walking contradiction,
but may GOD bless him nicely, as
one of the billions of GOD's


Father Anonymous said...

You know, I rarely get comments on five-year-old posts.

Not quite sure what to make of your comment, to be honest. But I did read and enjoy "The Last Temptation," so I guess I'm with you at least up to a point.