Thursday, August 29, 2013

MIley Cyrus!

Well, that should get us some click-throughs, shouldn't it?

The truth is that Father A. is getting so danged old that he isn't really sure who this Miley Cyrus person is, or what exactly she did wrong at the VMAs a few nights back.  Honestly, he's not even sure what a VMA is.  Virginia Medical Academy, maybe?  Much less this torching twerping twerking thing that everybody seems so goll-dinged unhappy about.

But we do have one question:  Why on earth would a pretty female pop star dance provocatively on stage?  The nerve of that attention-seeking young whippersnapper!

In related news:  Madonna's album Erotica, and the novelization, a coffee-table book called Sex, just celelbrated their twentieth anniversary.  Seems more like thirty, dunnit?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The only thing provoked by this pathetic attempt was the vomit reflex; those commenting on her deserve her.