Saturday, June 01, 2013

Decent Obscurity

Did you know the ELCA had a gay bishop?  Openly gay, we mean?  We didn't.  Somebody really ought to talk about this sort of thing.  Also, we've got an American Indian bishop.  Same guy!

When the Episcopalians elect a gay bishop, the media (and the Africans) have a collective seizure.  Here?  Not so much.  Alas, we Lutherans -- despite outnumbering the PECUSA by a significant margin -- are doomed to live in shadows.

Anyway:  the Rev. R. Guy Erwin was elected bishop by the Southwest California Synod.

Bishop-elect Erwin teaches theology at California Lutheran University.  He is also Native American, another first for the ELCA, although one likely to attract less attention.  This makes us rather sad, as there are lots and lots of gay Lutherans, but comparatively few Osage ones.

We wish Erwin and his synod God's blessings.

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