Saturday, May 11, 2013

Must. Have. This.

We at the Egg make little secret of our intense snobbery or, as it otherwise known, our Francophilia.

While we aren't the sort of horrible people who try to use their lame high school French to order at a French restaurant in Manhattan, we're only a few small steps up the ladder from this.  We like our cheese runny and our snails buttery.  Against all logic and even our own better judgment, we prefer Madame Bovary to Middlemarch.  We have actually bought and sort-of-almost read books by Julia Kristeva and Luce Irigaray. We used to own a cassette tape of Colette reading her own works, and about half our Tintin books are in French.  Sometimes, when the moon is full and we are all alone with the doors locked and the shades drawn, we crank of the Victrola and sing along to Edith Piaf.

We are monsters.

So needless to say, we are pleased about the news that websites originating in Brittany (oh, pardon us, Bretagne) may now adopt the ".bzh" domain name.  This is no doubt useful if, for instance, you happen to sell apple brandy online.

But what really jazzes us is that Parisian websites may now adopt the ".paris" domain name.  This has immediately become de rigeur for the fashion and fragrance industries as well as, we assure you, snobby Francophiles the world over.

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