Thursday, September 20, 2012

"That's Not Bull$#!t, That's the Math"

As a newcomer to  these shores -- we've only been stateside for a month or so -- we haven't had much to say about the coming presidential election.  Apparently, the Democrats are running the same guy they ran last time, which suggests a lack of imagination.  The Republicans, on the other hand, are displaying immense creativity, by running a guy they actively dislike.  We knew that their strategy involved suppressing voter turnout; we just didn't realize that this included their own voters.

Anyway.  Having proven that he will insult our allies abroad, Governor Romney recently set his sights on the enemy at home, meaning the 47% of the electorate which wouldn't vote for him if he were the last 50s TV dad on earth.

We really have nothing to contribute to the discussion which has ensued; we are just relieved that nobody has mentioned the massive tax exemption historically granted to our own employer and its cognate organizations.  It is one thing to lash out at those money-grubbing farmers, deployed soldiers, senior citizens, and milk-addicted schoolchildren.  But it will be a sad day indeed when the GOP's talking heads feel called to lead a charge against America's fat-cat churches.

As we said, though, we are a stranger in these parts, with nothing much to say on the matter.  Perhaps that's just the way these crazy Americans do it, right?  Fortunately, Jon Stewart has no such hesitance.  Here (courtesy of Gawker) are the two parts of his brilliant little video essay, "Chaos on Bull$#!t Mountain."

Part One lays out the defense of Romney by his friends at Fox News -- basically, a combination of "It's true" and "He didn't mean it."  Part Two, the far more brilliant segment, shares both some facts and a heaping spoonful of righteous indignation.  (If time is short, watch Part Two.)

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