Monday, May 02, 2011

In Which We Lose Our Minds

Remember all those stories about tech startups in the 90s? The rented room full of ambitious young guys, working hundred-hour weeks, living on delivery pizza and Diet Coke?

That's pretty much what mission development work is like, except that the startup guys were twentysomethings with youth to burn, while we're graying and fiftyish with a little back trouble. And, of course, they stood some chance of becoming billionaires, while we're judiciously stocking up on Alpo for our retirement years.

Still, we work pretty hard these days. And in our spare time, such as it is, we are plugging away at that Latin/English breviary. And then, a few days ago, we had an ... episode, in which fatigue, a troublesome cold, and too much time spent exploring 12th-century devotional poetry all came together in a single weird moment. Here is is, but we don't expect you to watch the whole thing. In fact, it may be unwatchable:

Yes, that's right. We made a cartoon version of Matins, at least through the Benedictus. We would have finished it, except for some technical difficulties. It was going to be in Latin, because, really, one sees so few Latin cartoons these days. But it turns out that those cartoon characters pronounce Latin even more porly than they do English. So we settled for the faux-Jacobean of the Service Book and Hymnal.

Mother Anonymous is giving us the fish-eye right now. We think she's waiting until we're asleep before she calls the men in the white coats. But that's okay; we aren;t actually planning to sleep. Bwah-hah-hah.


mark said...

O yes - please encore Sandel!!! :))

Anonymous said...

Yeah! web