Friday, January 07, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Deathstar

Christmas Day 2010 was kinda weird.

We've already mentioned the woman in Texas whose house was robbed by her parish pastor. But have you heard about the neighborhood in Colorado that was robbed by Imperial Stormtroopers?


Anonymous said...

You do know that there are fewer atheists in prison than in the general population?
Either we have much better lawyers or you believers commit a disproportionate share of the US's crime.
Makes you wonder if you're not just running twice as hard-and ending up going backwards.

Father Anonymous said...

Perhaps, but the relevant question heres is what proportion of crimes are committed by Star Wars costume nerds.

In any case, those numbers -- put together in 1997 by Rpd Swift -- result from BoP self-identification questionnaires among prisoners. There are many variables unaccounted for, such as the distinction between "believers" and "participants" in a religious community, and the frequency of jailhouse conversions -- that is, changes in faith life subsequent to the commission and conviction of a crime.

And then, of course, there's Stalin.