Saturday, January 31, 2009

Manifest in Making Whole

We at the Egg spend a lot of time razzing our Anglican friends, and have made no secret of our hostility toward the Anglican right, both in America and abroad.  But we came across this story -- a Chuck Colson press release, found on the Virtue Online site, about a founder of the Anglican Mission in America.  Normally, any of those phrases would make the spittle fly.

But not this time.  This is wonderful, and we are grateful to David Virtue and Chuck Colson for letting us know about it:

In a large open area of a Rwandan prison, Anglican Bishop John Rucyahana spoke to a crowd of killers responsible for the 1994 genocide. "Close your eyes," he instructed them. "Go back in your mind to 1994. What did you see?" he asked. "What did you smell? What did you hear?"

Many in the crowd began to weep. He told the men to see their victims' faces. The sobs grew louder. "Now," said Bishop John, "that which made you cry, that you must confess."

It's amazing enough that Bishop John, himself a Tutsi, would speak to the Hutu perpetrators of the genocide. It's even more amazing when you consider that John's own niece, Madu, was brutally raped and killed during the genocide. But Bishop John had a reason to reach out to these men in compassion-for he, too, had found forgiveness of his sins through Jesus Christ.

... [Bishop John] found Christ while growing up as an exile from his native Rwanda. He puts it better than I've ever heard before: "I did not accept Jesus. Jesus graciously met me and accepted me." This is a man who understands how we come empty-handed to Christ.

There's more, and you can click above to find it.  We still lament AMiA and the deviltry that followed.  But you know what?  For today, at least, Bishop Rucyahana is our hero.

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