Sunday, February 25, 2007

Neo-Nazi Fears Extraterrestrial Invasion

Jean-Marie le Pen, leader of France's ultra-rightist National Front, has begun to present himself as an environmentalist.

According to Le Monde, Le Pen has promised that, if elected, he will be "the president who ... goes to the UN General Assembly to boldly propose shared management of of planetary property," by which he means water, food, medicine and education.

On the surface, it sounds like typical French grandiosity -- a centralized economy for everybody! He goes so far as to say that this plan would mark a French "return to the global scene." Yes, we get it -- Old Europe still feels marginalized because Certain People wouldn't listen to them about a Certain Middle Eastern Country. But upon reflection, we think there is more going on here than meets the eye. Le Pen is following the advice of his advisors, including who Jean-Claude Martinez, who have asked for "a more planetary vision."

Internationalism and ecology aren't traditional talking points for the right wing in any nation, are they? What those guys care about is race or, in its new variation, immigration. So when Le Pen and his ilk start talking about a "planetary vision," it can only mean one thing: they want to protect our whole planet -- from immigrants.

I'm thinking Klingons. Or maybe Romulans.

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