Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Sleep of Reason

A San Diego [make that Bakersfield -- see the first comment] man, draped in an American flag, poured gasoline over himself and lit a match. He did so -- get this -- to protest the school district's decision to uyse the terms "Christmas" and "Easter" in describing its vacation schedule. He was wearing a sign that said "[deleted] the religious establishment."

Honestly, people, we at the Egg would just like to point out, yet again, that secular types are as capable of being violent extremists as anybody else.


Gillian said...

This was reported in the San Diego U-T but did not happen in San Diego. It happened in Bakersfield, which is nowhere near San Diego.

Not saying it *couldn't* happen in San Diego, mind, just that in this case it *didn't.*

If it were a San Diego man, I'd wonder if he were the same deranged pyromaniac who set our Cathedral church on fire *during our main Sunday service last week,* using cassocks and surplices in the choir vesting area as his starter material.
No one injured, TBTG, damage estimated at $100,000. Made III Advent a bit more dramatic than usual, let me tell you....

Father Anonymous Bosch said...

Oops. Sorry about relocating the self-immolation. And as for the burning =cathedral ... wow. First I'd heard of it, so thanks for the tip.