Sunday, July 09, 2006

Click This Link. Just Click It, Okay?

A reader (yay! We have one) sent a very thoughtful note, and a link to her own website. She sews custom-made vestments and paraments. And lemme tell ya, friends, that's a real blessing!

As some of you know, Father Anonymous represents the Lollipop Guild -- which is to say, he's something of a Munchkin. Even CM Almy's "small" chasuble drapes like a bedsheet. I have been known to trip over the ends of my stole now and then. Seriously.

(Which is why I gave up on those darn fringes. They just rip right off when you step on 'em).

So hats off to Lynn at
Ichthys Designs for her elegant -- and largely fringless -- modern liturgical stylings.

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Gillian said...

Two. You have at least two readers. And I gave the URL here to a retired Evangelical Catholic pastor who has been named the "Canon for Biblical Studies" at the Episcopal Cathedral where I worship.

Hmm....maybe I should suggest the Dean approach the Luce family for funding, so that he could name a bunch of Luce Canons....

running very fast now,