Friday, February 03, 2006

Muslims Outraged. Again.

Ho-hum. Muslims worldwide -- for which read "radical Islamists and those they have suckered with their demogogic divel" -- are up in arms over some cartoons in the European press. Tasteless, silly cartoons that included caricatures of Muhammad.

They want Denmark to apologize. That is, they want the government to apologize for what appears in the press. They want this, of course, because as subjects of the world's worst totalitarian regimes, they can't imagine anything appearing in a newspaper that hadn't been approved by the government.

(I waited years for the Nixon Administration to apologize for leaking the Watergate story.)

They want Denmark to apologize, as well, because they know that there is a symbolic war being waged between their Islamofascism and the ideals of an open society. Now, Western governments don't always do a great job of upholding those ideals (see above, under "Watergate;" or latterly, headings for Gitmo, Gonzales, Abu Ghraib and Wiretapping), but still, we are the only game in town. As often as Islamofascism can make the West apologize, it can make itself out to be the offended party, the victim rather than the aggressor. As often as it can achieve that goal, it can pull otherwise decent, loving and humane Muslims into its clutches.

(Yeah. And Southerners still call their attack of Fort Sumter the fuse that lit the "War of Northern Aggression." Go figure.)

But here's the part that really burns our britches at the Egg. They are ticked off over a newspaper caricature of Muhammad? Christians in the West have been forced to spend years listening to Pat Robertson's caricature of Jesus. Do you hear us complaining?

(And if not, why not?)

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